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Crucifixion in the dungeon - Crux Tales


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By DANTE 1993 ..........Cassandra entered the dining hall. She was shocked at what she saw. The ranchers sat at the great table, enjoying their feast, and applauded her entrance, and her revealing costume. On each side of the dining hall stood five tall wooden crosses, and the ten young ladies, now stripped naked, were spiked to these, crucified. At the head of the large oak dining table sat Duke, and on the floor at the other end of the table lay another great cross, empty. Cassandra blanched, suddenly fearful that she would be nailed to this monstrous device. She swallowed back her fear, recognizing that there was nothing she could do about it if she were the one to be nailed next, which to her seemed most likely. Duke beckoned to her, and she moved over to him, as commanded.......... ..........She moved from cross to cross, giving the crucified girls a taste of her trident under their breasts and buttocks, and under their chins. She thrust the sharp barbed prongs into the tender meat of the young ladies, and then pulled them out, ripping fine bleeding strands of meat out of the puncture holes. Some of the girls were getting drowsy with the incredible pain and shock of crucifixion, and Cassandra reawakened them with her remarkable three-pointed spear..........
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An extract from "Barbi Twins Crucified", 1996 ..........It's common for crucified prisoners to go wild when they're first hung on the cross and these two were no exception. They fought the nails and moved constantly. They pushed on the nails in their feet and pulled with their arms. They twisted their bodies and shook their heads as they cursed and screamed. Their jugs swayed and wobbled arousingly as the Twins did the dance of the newly crucified. After they had accepted the fact that there was no escape from the cross, each woman settled into the painful rythem that would ultimately lead to exhaustion, asphyxiation and death. They quickly learned that they needed to support themselves on the nails in their feet if they wanted to breathe but to do so caused unbearable pain and they could only hold themselves in that position for a few seconds at a time. Balancing on the nails was also difficult and the women would often loose their balance and fall to one side or the other, only stopping when one arm or the other was outstreatched and pulling against the wrist nail..........
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